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Mudlarks is a tragic, gritty tale of three boys caught on the wrong side of the Thames after a reckless night. Will the boys make it out unscathed or will the mud consume them all?

We want to use this show as a platform for parents and teenagers to talk about life and the future; how it is scary for us youngsters and we may feel as if there is no future for some of us, we just need that support to be pushed in the right direction. We also want to expose how the homelife of youth can depict how they act, how innocence can be ruined through trauma at home, and how peer pressure can force people to do thing they wouldn't once think they could, just wanting to fit in with the crowd and be wanted.

Mudlarks contains lots of swearing, drug use, violence and adult themes. Viewer discretion is advised.

Recomended age of viewing is 13+

Runtime: 90mins approx. with 20 minute interval

Venue: Thorngate hall, Gosport, Bury Rd, PO12 3QX

Dates: Friday 14th & Saturday 15th of October 2022,

Tickets: £10 + fees