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Enigma -


  1. a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand.

'We are a small amateur theatre consisting of actors, musicIans and techies based in Gosport, perfoRming in the south of Hampshire. We aspire to create productions and experiences around enigmas, hence our name -

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Our productions explore these mysteries in forms of: 


Before we were a company, these enigmas interested us and we began to explore them, focusing on surrealism, inspired by Artaud and the Theatre of Cruelty. We created our own perfomance called "Compulsion" which explored the mind of a serial killer.

The script consisted of verbatim, all quotes from real serial killers, and our movements were metaphoric, leaving the audience questioning their own perception of what's going on.

Compulsion 3

We want to continue exploring these mysteries in metaphorical surreal ways through horror and the uncanny, but also through a more realistic approach, linking on to our first upcoming production... 

We are in progress of putting on our first production of "mudlarks" by Vickie Donoghue in the coming months

"Mudlarks is a tragic, beautifully realised play about three young men trapped at the wrong end of the river. On the muddy banks of the Thames, downstream from the bright lights of London, three boys hide from the police after a night of recklessness. Over the course of the freezing night their fears, secrets and dreams emerge, collide and combust revealing the desperate frustration of lives barely led but already ravaged. As morning dawns, their options diminish and just two questions remain: do they have the power to determine their own fates, or are they destined to sink into the mud?"


Our other goals.

We want to inspire young adults from our area to get into the arts, if that be performing, desinging, backstage or even front of house. Our casts mainly consist of recent graduates from Universities and colleges who are eager to get into the arts. We know its a painful industry to start out in, thats where we want to help, especially coming from a very non-artistic hometown. We believe art is the heartbeat of our culture, without it, life would just be utterly boring. If you want to get involved, please feel free to contact us by clicking the button below.