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Below are our current stories which are ready to be performed at your venue.

Each story includes the setting, number of actors and the genre. 

If you want us to customise or write you a story tailored for you, please contact us.

Our Stories


Setting: 1920s Club

Genre: Drama, War (WW1)

Actors: 5 + 1 Detective

(Our most popular!)

Alexander Locke invites all to his families famous club for a celebration; for what you may ask... that is yet to be announced. There are promises of drinks, entertainment and a party to die for!


Setting: Timeless French Restaurant

Genre: Raunchy Comedy

Actors: 6 + 1 Detective

Do you feel stressed? Overworked? Tired? Is the weight of modern life dragging you down? In need of release? Try La Mingé. Re-opening it's doors after a tough month of renovation, La Mingé is ready for guests to dive in once again.


Be transported to France with our fabulous authentic French menu and French employees. Behold a night of Food, Wine and Jazz; what could possibly go wrong? Sarah was the underdog in her culinary family; the rest being incredibly successful chefs. She wanted to show everyone she had what it took to be like the rest, the only problem is, she has a really unhealthy obsession to the French.


She decided to open her own resturant, La Mingé, forcing her employees to put on French accents to give an "authentic feel" to the place. Obviously, the staff hate this, they would leave if they could, but most need the money. After closing for a month to refurbish the place (due to a awful review from a critic), La Mingé is open once again!


coming soon.....

Setting: Fantasy Castle

Genre: Fantasy Comedy

Actors: 6 + 1 Wizard (Detective)

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