Want a fun, immersive and quirky murder mystery at your venue?

Why not host the murder mystery with

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Our mysteries are completely unique!


Our stories are tailored towards the venue; they can either be created specifically for the venue if there is alot of history, or the plot can be chosen from a variety of our own premade stories.


We bring the audience into the story, making them part of the perfomance. We also love the audience to dress up to the setting, if that be 1940s or maybe the future!


Our actors are given their character and improvise around it, every night is different and special! We cherish audience participation and actively encourage it.


We use puzzles as a method of solving the mystery, fail to solve the puzzles which have been left by the deceased, then the murderer might never see the light.

If you would like to use us for your murder mystery, please contact us on the "contact us" page BY CLICKING